12 Guiding Principles to make Manifesting Easy - Free Webinar

Free 90 minute Webinar you'll learn...

The 12 Guiding Principles to Make Manifesting Easy 

Do you want 2018 to be your Best Year Yet? 

Learn how to ATTRACT and Create What you Really Want in your Life!

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Sunday 11th February

19:30 PM SA, 17:30 UK, 12:30 EST

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Only 400 Spots Available

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This Free 90 minute Webinar Will Show You:

Lesson #1

The 12 Guiding Principles of Manifestation:

"Law of Attraction" explains one small part of manifesting. In this webinar you'll get the overall picture. 

Lesson #2

What is Blocking You?

There are some things you can create easily in your life and other things not - WHY? On this webinar you'll get the answer

Lesson #3

Using your Emotions as a Compass

Learn how ENERGY and Emotions work and how to use them as a powerful guide in your Manifesting

Finally you'll Get

A Guided Visualisation:

To help you create 2018 to be your Best Year Yet!

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this webinar now and I'll send you a Guided Meditation to help you connect to your inner peace and calm during 2018.

I will also be sharing more about the Dreams & Goal with Soul Program on this webinar.

Donna McCallum aka The Fairy Godmother

I'm so delighted that you will be joining me for the Free Webinar to give you the "Big Picture" about Manifesting and Creating the Life you Love.

Over the past 12 years I've been a Fairy Godmother and have helped thousands of people get clear on their dreams and goals and then supported them to make them happen in a way that was fun, light, joyful and filled with flow.

I've helped people in over 45 countries through my seminars, workhops, retreats, online programs and free webinars like these.

I've also had the privilege of seeing my own dreams come true - like being a best-selling author and finding my soul-mate.

I'm so looking forward to helping you uncover your "blocks" in the manifesting process so that you can create the life you truly desire.