Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

The course starts as soon as you sign up. You will receive the Confirmation email and the First Module so that you can start from TODAY.  

You will also gain access to the Dreams & Goals with Soul Private Community on the Facebook Group.  


Where is the course being held?

Because this is an online course, do the modules and exercises from the comfort of your own home in a way that works best for you.  

Wherever your computer is, wherever your phone is, you can participate in this course.  


How does the course work?

The coaching program is a 5-week, online home-study Dreams & Goals program that I’ve been running since 2009.  

The next time I run this program LIVE you also get 4 group LIVE Webinars with me (Donna) so you are guaranteed to get coaching and help with your unique dreams & goals.  

Here’s how it works:  


Each Wednesday you’ll receive access to a new Dreams & Goals Module – a PDF document for you to read or Audio to listen to, plus a few videos to watch. These will teach you the Dreams & Goals and Manifesting skills, practices and proven tools to get you into Clarity, Focus and ease in Manifesting.  



Your Module will guide you step-by-step through a series of powerful exercises (written and practical) that will get you to apply the Magical Manifesting tools into your life, so that they start working right away.  


The Dreams & Goals with Soul Community is a supportive, thriving online community (on Facebook) of people who are doing the Dreams & Goals with Soul Program.  

Here you’ll feedback on your exercises, ask questions and you’ll get support from previous Daring Dreamers who have been through the same journey you are on.  


Finally, When I run this program again LIVE - Starting sometime in the last Quarter of 2020 - 4 times during the program we’ll connect on our live group mentoring call together.  

You ask me questions and I provide coaching and guidance tailored to your specific life circumstances and situation.  

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What will I learn?

You’ll learn proven Dreams & Goals and Manifesting system and tools to move you out of the “stuggle” or "stuckness" or "confusion" into clarity, ease and feeling confident about creating the life you dream of.  

The goal of this program is that you'll receive all of the Magical Manifesting Tools and Practices that you need. You'll be able to apply these tools and practices to create and reach goal after goal.  

Here’s a short version of what you’ll learn each week:  

Module 1 - Releasing your Resistance  

This 4 Step Alignment process will get you into a higher vibration before you create your new Dream & Goal.  

Module 2 – Imagine  

This is a week of connecting to Soul. Getting Inspired. Flowing your Ideas. Imagining. Dreaming. And allowing your Goal with Soul to emerge naturally and organically out of this process.  

It is fun, light, juicy and creative.  

Module 3 – Magical Manifestation  

In this module you’ll discover the System of Manifesting – the practical, logical way it actually works to satisfy your Left-Brain.  

You’ll learn the 3 Practical Steps to Manifesting and what you need to do daily to help your Goal with Soul unfold in a way that has the most ease.  

Module 4 – Faith, Trust and Ease  

In this Module you’ll understand why it is so important to Trust and Surrender (especially when you want something so badly).  

You’ll learn how to exercise your Faith muscle so that when you experience self-doubt, self-sabotage or fear you can overcome it.  

Module 5 – Enjoy the Journey  

You’ll experience using the Essence of your Goal to keep you in High Vibration, no matter what is happening in your “reality”.  

You will heighten your Energy Awareness to stay on the path of manifesting more easily and consistently.  

What results can I expect?  

This really depends on how much of the program you do and apply and also what your unique Dreams & Goals are.  

The best people to hear results from are the people who have already done the program... in their own words...  

See what Previous Students have to say Here >>  

And there are many, many more that are not even on that page, like...  

Jonny Letchman who left his corporate job, started his own event management company and grew it so successfully that he sold it and went travelling. fd


Derryn Campbell who was inspired by her big dream to write 3 Books and all of them have been Best-Sellers! Wow!  


Katlego Maponyane a single-mom, who has paid off her car, travelled on her first overseas holiday and saw Oprah – all within a few months.  


Ulrike Strydom who went on her dream trip to Paris and stood on the Eiffel Tower with her wonderful boyfriend Willem, who she also manifested!  


Kerry Hammerton who has become one of South Africa’s well-known poets.  


Marie-Therese Le Roux was offered her dream job by the World Bank to foster entrepreneurship through education. Plus she manifested the marvellous adventure of doing it in Malaysia.  


Gary Graham who left his job in mining and started a deep-sea fishing business in the Phillipines.  


Mene Olivier who left her big city life to move to the ocean, met her soul-mate partner and has recently had a beautiful baby girl.  

Want to experience your OWN incredible Success Story?  

Then Join Dreams & Goals with Soul Today.  

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Donna, will I get to talk with you personally? 

Initially when you sign up and do the program as a self-study you will NOT be connecting with me.  

However you WILL get the BONUS in the Last Quarter of 2020 of having 5 weeks of my very focused attention - as during those weeks I will be very active on the Dreams & Goals Private Facebook Community, answering your questions. (The exact dates to still be confirmed closer to the time)  

PLUS during that session, we will have 4 x LIVE 90 minutes Webinars. These are group Question & Answer times with me.  

You won't be having private calls with me, however, you (along with the other participants in the program) can talk directly with me on these LIVE Webinar Q&A Sessions.  

You can ask me questions or get help and solutions to your unique goals and life circumstances. Participation is completely voluntary.  

As I’m coaching the other people on these webinars, you’ll learn even more. This is because many of the answers I will give other course participants will apply directly to your situation too.  

These Webinars are Video, Audio and Slideshow based and are highly interactive and super inspiring. The webinars can be accessed via your computer or cellphone.  

Whatever reservations you may have about sharing in a group, trust me on this: the group dynamic is the very reason the Dreams & Goals with Soul program works so well.  

I wouldn’t have the Success Story page filled with happy students sharing their stories of ease with achieving goal after goal if the group format didn’t work.  

You are not obliged to speak on any of the webinars – you’ll get HUGE value just from listening.  


What if I miss a webinar? Can I hear it again?

Don’t worry, the webinars are all recorded and are available for you after every live class. In fact, sometimes people are unable to attend all the sessions live.  

You’ll feel very much a part of the Dreams & Goals Community and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the journey with other participants.  

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How long do I have access to the training materials? 

You have lifetime access to the program.  

That is all of the content - modules, audios and videos plus life-time access to the Dreams & Goals with Soul Community on Facebook to support you on your journey.  


Do I receive the entire course at once? 

No. I designed the course to be delivered week by week. This way, you get enough time to learn the tools and practice applying them to your dreams, goals and manifesting.  

The program is a tested system and it’s designed to build on itself week by week.  

Smart people often have a particular weakness of wanting to jump ahead, saying things like, “Yeah yeah, I get it. I want to skip ahead now.” I don’t allow this.  

The goal is not to rush through the course — it’s to apply these manifesting systems step-by-step into your life, to create SUSTAINABLE shift and change in your life.  

Everything in the course is carefully calibrated to maximize your odds of success.  

Hundreds of students have gone through the course and had great resutls.  

Trust the system. It works.  

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Why is the course so affordable? What's the catch?  

There’s no catch.  

The reason I can afford to help you for only $297 or R2995 is that we’re working in a group. Over the many years that I’ve run this program, I’ve found that this group program often gets better results than working one-on-one.  

When I stopped coaching 1-on-1 in 2014 my rate was $185 an hour and recently I have just opened 3 People coaching sessions at $250 per hour. To get the kind of benefit, information and tools you'll get from this program would have been a 6 to 10 hour coaching process with me.  

And then you wouldn't have the BONUS of the life-time support of the Community of Daring Dreamers.  

In this program you get a proven system that has worked for thousands of people that I have coached and guided using group online programs since 2009.  

This is absolutely the most afordable way to work LIVE with me and get my personal attention.  

We've also created an Easy 2 Month Payment Plan to make it even more affordable and accessible for you.  

Do I need good internet or special tech skills to do the program?

You only need an Internet Connection for downloading your Weekly Module and interaction in the LIVE Q&A Webinar sessions.  

You can do this via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  

We will give you all the tech support we can – and you’ll see that, once you’re in the flow, it’s really easy.  

What if i'm not on Facebook?  

The feedback and support aspect of this program happens on a private Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook, you’ll miss out on this aspect. This is a very rich part of the program.  

On this Private Facebook Group you get support from others, you get to read other people’s feedback and you get support and coaching from me. Because this is a PRIVATE Facebook group all of the posts are private and can’t be viewed by anyone other than people on the program.  

If you are not on Facebook, we recommend for the duration of this program that you create an Alias Facebook Profile and simply use it for the 5 weeks, just to be part of this group.  

Do I have to finish the course withing a certain time? 


Because you are able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the Private Facebook Dreams & Goal with Soul group and course materials.  

Thus you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after the program end date.  

And as you have lifetime access as a Bonus, you get the benefit of being able to go through and revise the program with the following groups too.  

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How much time will I need to allocate to the programs each week? 

In my experience, the people who do best, put aside 3 – 4 hours over the week to read or listen to the Module and complete the assignments.  

Your time will be divided roughly as follows:  

1 hour to Listen to or Read the Module and Watch the Videos 2 to 3 hours to complete the Exercises each week and interact on the Dreams & Goals with Soul Private Community on Facebook  

When will you run the next Dreams & Goals with Soul Program?  

Firstly, You will only see this 72 Hours Special Offer once and you won't get it again.  

I only run the Dreams & Goals with Soul Program LIVE twice a year... so this is your opportunity to start now and then get my LIVE coaching (in the last Quarter of 2020) at a very special price.  

Of course, you can wait but you need to ask yourself - Is this something you do? Delay your Dreams? Don't put yourself first? And then keep ending up in the same situation wishing you had started a year ago or 5 years ago?  

If you feel compelled to do the program, I'd recommend jumping in and doing it now... It is better to take action and START. Rather than wait around.  

AND even if you don't complete it or you get busy now, you can join the whole group LIVE and and get my coaching in the last quarter of 2020.  

You can register here >>  

I have antoher question that you haven't covered...

Great, we’d love to assist you. Please hit reply to this email or email us at  


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