You are invited on a Journey to Discover your 

7 Levels of Abundance

You are committed to your learning, growth and your personal and spiritual development. You deeply desire to live the fullest expression of your life, your purpose and your talents. You wish to explore and connect to your Abundance at all levels and shift the scarcity blocks that have been keeping you small and in fear and self-doubt.  

Abundance is much more than the flow of money. Abundance is knowing and trusting that you are fully supported with all the resources you need for EVERYTHING you dream of.

When you look at the word scarcity… you’ll notice it is a combination of:

1. Scare-City

Scare-city is a feeling and vibration of fear.  

This collective conscious scarcity conditioning is deeply ingrained in many people. It leads to feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, judgment, rejection and feelings of being separate and alone.  

In this vibration and ‘scarcity mind-set’ you are literally scaring yourself.  

2. Scar-City 

Scar-city is where your old wounds and the pain you have experienced in childhood and through your life are re-opened.  

When you are in Scar-city you act out of fear and damage and pain…. Which is never an expression of your best self.  

You react. You lash out. You withdraw. You get depressed. We all have different coping mechanisms when we are feeling the pain of our open scars.  

In this vibration the 'scarcity mindset' is pain.

A-Bun-Dance - is a DANCE with the Flow of Life

When you tune into A-bun-dance – you navigate life with the ease, grace and flow of a dancer.  

You dance with duality and the polarity – with the light and the shadow, the good and the bad, the triumphs and the trials, the challenges and the successes.  

When you consider a dancer – she is embodied, present and fully in the moment.  

A dancer artfully allows the music to move her and yet is also in the mastery and control of each step.  

She is connected to the music which is an energy and vibration bigger than her. Shi is also connected to herself and her steps as an individual.  

She is in her fullest creative expression and giving her gifts to the world.  

This doesn’t mean that the dance is easy… it takes practice and knowing the steps of dancing with pain and pleasure, and the fullness of life.  

This is what you’ll learn and practice over the 7 months on this program, the 7 Levels of Abundance.  

A-bun-dance from the outside looks like ease, grace and flow.  

This doesn’t mean that there is an absence of difficulties or challenges. Rather, the way you move, accept and flow with your challenges creates this graceful dance.  

If you already know you want to join us and be one of the A-bun-dancers? 

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Scarcity and Abundance in Different Areas of your Life


You feel disconnected from your body. 

You don’t take proper care of it.  

Your eating, sleep and exercise is sporadic.


Feeling healthy, vital and well in your body.  

You have a knack for making healthy choices.  

You clear negative influences quickly. 


You attract the wrong people. 

You experience unnecessary drama. 

You feel alone and unsupported or unloveable. 


You enjoy deep and rewarding relationships. 

You attract healthy love and great friendships.


You feel unfulfilled in your work.  

You long for a change.  

You wish you could find a sense of purpose.  

You find it hard to get into action or clarity on what you really want to do.


You love your work and you align with your unique purpose.

You feel good and productive with what you do.


You have negative emotions around money.  

There are times when you struggle to make ends meet.  

You work hard with inappropriate rewards. You feel undeserving.


Your material needs are easily being met. 

You feeling worthy and deserving and have a good flow of money in your life.


You are often overwhelmed. 

It feels like there is never enough – time, money, energy etc.  

Life feels a bit like a rollercoaster.  


You experience the pleasures of life and when pain arises (which it will) you have the tools to deal with it. 

 When overwhelm arises you have the tools to quickly come back into peace and equilibrium.


You feel disconnected from your power. 

You have a harsh inner-critic. You wrestle with emotional baggage.  

You compare yourself to others.  


You feel empowered in your life.  

You solve your problems and challenges easily. You feel alive and whole. 

You inspire others with your “vibration” and “being”


You find it difficult to communicate your true needs and wants. 

You doubt yourself.  


You are able to express yourself authentically – to speak your truth.


You feel small and insignificant.  

You find it difficult to acknowledge or gain clarity on your talents or contribution.  

At times it feels like you are stuck in a rut.  


You contribute your unique gifts, talents and creativity to the world.  

You have a clear Vision for your life. The world is a better place because you are in it.


You feel disconnected.  


You feel connected to the Divine.  

You are easily able to tap into your feelings of faith and trust that you are fully supported.  

You trust your inner guidance.  

So how do you move from the Vibration and Energy of Scarcity into the Vibration and Energy of Abundance?  

That is what this 7 Levels of Abundance Journey is all about….  

It is a journey of overcoming your fears, healing your scars and learning the steps to use in this Dance of Abundance.  

Our Map for the Journey into the 7 Levels of Abundance

We will be using the Chakra System as the Map for this 7 month journey together, so that the shifts are deliberate, integrated and sustainable.  

The Chakra system is probably the most comprehensive system for mapping body, mind and soul.  

It maps the human nervous system (the body) and connects it to our psychological development through childhood into adulthood (the mind) and connects that to our spiritual connection through states of consciousness (the soul).  

The Chakras are like portals between our inner world and the external reality. 

The CORE of the 7 Levels of Abundance program is exploring each of the 7 Chakras and unlocking the Power, Potential and Innate Abundance at each level.  

It will be a journey of Re-Member-ing those parts of yourself that are in scare-city and have been disconnected from abundance.  

This program will include many of the modalities and process that I have been exploring in my own personal and spiritual development over the past 10 years… like:

breath work, archetypes, energy work, creativity and art therapy chakra work, body work, deepening intuition the dance between masculine and feminine energy and the integration of both ancestral healing, relationship, death and dying, working with the developmental stages of self - infant, child, teenager, young adult etc.  


7 Levels of Abundance

7 Chakras. 7 Month Program. 7 Big Shifts.  

Through this program we will work on 1 Chakra per Month – so that the process can be slow, spacious and really integrate for you. This is a 7 Month In-Depth Program and will begin early in August 2020  

Slow, deep, sustainable healing that is highly transformative.

This program is created with ABUNDANCE as its core vibration… it is run over 7 months – to provide an Abundance of:

Time This program is run over 7 months to give you time. You will focus on 1 chakra per month and you’ll have enough time to fit this program into your life, even if you are currently very busy. You can choose what pace and timing works best for you - a few minutes each day, a couple of hours a week or one full day in the month.  

Healing Through the exercises, the coaching and the support there will be deep and profound healing of your old scars. You will have all healing tools, meditations and inspiration to continue using when after the program is complete, when scars, pain and challenges rise to the surface in the future. This A-bun-dance is a lifelong dance and you’ll know the steps and you’ll be able to practice them long into the future. 

Spaciousness This 7 month program, the community and the flow of the program has been developed to feel spacious and expansive.  

This experience of spaciousness will help you connect to the vibration of abundance.  


You’ll experience the power of being part of a group of people for 7 months held by the collective intention and vibration of Abundance.

A unique group where everyone is committed to living their most expanded and fullest potential. Through this community you will receive ongoing love, support and inspiration in a number of unique ways.

Firstly, you get access to the private Facebook group, where you can connect with other students. You’ll share your breakthroughs, ask questions, and make new friends – all in a safe space of love and respect.

Secondly, you get access to my coaching and guidance through this group.

Finally we will have 14 LIVE Question and Answer Webinars where you’ll get my coaching, guidance and answers to your questions every 2 weeks.

This 7 Levels of Abundance is more than “a course” – it’s a lifelong community that’s there for you when you need support, inspiration or to ‘plug-in’ again to the energy of abundance.  

You know you want to join us and be one of the A-bun-dancers in 2020? 

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What others have to say about working with Donna McCallum – aka the Fairy Godmother

“From her profound wisdom to her imaginative programs, her loving heart to her sparkling vision, the fabulous Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum, is awesome in the true sense of the word.  

Whatever it is that you want to transform in your life, start here!”  

– Pnina Fenster, Editor of Glamour Magazine  

Mari Lee has grown her business from a turnover of 1 million to 18 million in 5 years while making a massive impact.  

“Working with the Fairy Godmother is the most fun way of achieving serious life goals and finding ease and balance in all areas of your life while doing it.  

In the past 5 years of working with Donna I have achieved every goal I have set in my business plus better health and loads of fun experiences and travelling. It is Pure Magic! ” 

 - Mari Lee 

Lourraine is present, relaxed and confident. Her authentic decision-making has become way easier! “Working with Donna has been an enabler for me to be PRESENT in my life, focusing on how I FEEL in the things I do and the relationships I keep. This makes decision-making way easier. I have been able to walk away from people who are not part of my journey and my tomorrow. I have implemented clear plans for my career and business. I feel confident and relaxed about the future.” - Lourraine Makwange 

Your Facilitator and Guide – Donna McCallum aka The Fairy Godmother

Since 2005 Donna (aka the Fairy Godmother) has been coaching, guiding and shifting people around the world into their fullest potential through her workshops, retreats and online programs.  

Over 17 000 people in 45 countries have been touched and inspired by Donna’s work on dreams and goals, purpose, flow, money and creating financial freedom. She is a best-selling author in South Africa.  

In recognition of her amazing work, Donna was voted one of the most influential South Africans under 40 by the Mail & Guardian newspaper.  

The 7 Levels of Abundance is her latest program and next body of work that she has been developing based on her deep and rich transformational body-mind-soul teaching over the past 15 years.  

This is a LIVE, 7 Month Online Program

How the Program Works…

The Program runs over 7 months and designed to give you an abundance of time and space to really explore each chakra.

You’ll have the time to integrate your learning and apply the tools, in the midst of your fast-paced and busy life, to create sustainable abundance results in your life.

1 Module Per Month (7 Modules in Total)

At the Beginning of each Month you’ll receive a written module via email - these contain knowledge, inspiration and exercises for you to read.

Audios of the Modules

The Module will also be recorded as Audios to make it easy for you to listen to a few times during the month (you can listen while you are driving or doing other things).

Simple Magic Tools

The most powerful aspects of this program are the simple tools you’ll learn. These tools ensure you keep applying the new knowledge into your life as a sustainable practice to move you out of Scarcity and into Abundance.

Exercises to Apply

Every week there will be exercises for you to APPLY into your life. This program is super practical. You will quickly experience the re-member-ing and the shifts.

Videos to Watch

There are a number of Videos to Watch of me, your Fairy Godmother, teaching you KEY concepts, practices, modalities and the abundance magic.

Meditations to Shift Your Blocks

These guided meditations will provide nourishing and guided support as we journey through each of the Chakras and bring each Chakra into wholeness and harmony.

Monthly Q&A Webinars (2 per Month – 14 in Total) 

These are LIVE Question and Answer Webinars where we will be connecting, sharing and discussing the exercises for each month. You’ll receive my in-depth coaching and guidance. This will help you to shift any areas where you feel stuck, by getting personal, live answers to your questions. All the Webinars will be Recorded and Available afterwards.

Join the 7 Levels of Abundance Program TODAY and you will receive $842 worth of exclusive bonuses!  


Private Facebook Community (Value $350)  

You’ll experience the power of being part of a group of 70 people for 7 months held by the collective intention and vibration of Abundance.  

You get access to the private Facebook group, where you can connect with other students. You’ll share your breakthroughs, ask questions, and make new friends – all in a safe space of love and respect.  

Secondly, you get access to my coaching, guidance and direct answers to your questions through this group.  


Monthly EXPERT Sessions (7 in Total) (Value – 7 x $49 = $343) 

I am very excited as a Bonus to be inviting some of my greatest teachers and colleagues, as special guest contributors. They are experts on specific modalities who will share even more insights, tools and add even more depth to this program. 

These teachers are masters in their field and charge hundreds of dollars for their expertise. The topics range from ancestral healing to archetypes; from building a solid foundation for your love realtionships to finding your voice.  


Financial Confidence Video Package (Value $149)  

Scarcity is often felt in the area of money and your money flows. Donna is a recognized expert with her teaching in the area of money and creating financial freedom with over 1600 people having completed her Money Magic program.  

This Bonus is the full Video Package of the Fairy Godmother’s Financial Confidence Conference LIVE Event.  

Which will bring the subject of Money and Abundance into focus for you. It is 9 hours of content and exercises to do to increase your abundance specifically in the area of money.  


Life-Time Access to the Private Facebook Community (Value – Priceless)  

Your abundance journey and the journey of healing your chakras is a life-long journey. With this bonus you get life-time access to the private 7 Levels of Abundance Facebook Group.  

This way you’ll stay connected to the support of the community of people who have been part of this journey with you.  

The 7 Levels of Abundance Group

This program will be limited in numbers to ensure that we can really connect and allow the wisdom of the group to emerge.  

Please note that this is on a first booked, first served basis. So please book now to ensure you secure your place in the group.  

If you wish to join this program, please register for the Waiting List now.  


2020 Program will begin on Wednesday 5 August.

Enrollment Opens on Monday 27 July 2020.

Your Investment:

Monthly Payment: $167 x 7 months OR R1 797 x 7 months  

Full Payment: $997 once-off OR R10 997 once-off

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What others have to say about working with Donna McCallum 

Marnita has found her purpose, left her corporate job and doubled her income! Wow!  

“Working with the Fairy Godmother has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have embraced every single FG offering and course and cannot recommend working with Donna highly enough.  

I’ve found my purpose and calling in life. I have left a corporate career in order to live that dream. I have transformed my relationship with money - from having sleepless nights over debt to being a money magnet who has more than doubled her income.  

My life truly is not the same since the magical day that I met Donna. THANK YOU!” 

- Marnita Opperman  

Aneeka found her passions and is now following them. 

“I’ve been working with Donna for a number of years and it was one of the best decisions of my life! I have grown, started an NGO on the side and got the courage to leave my corporate job and follow my passions. Her programs have completely transformed my approach to life and how I manage my everyday decisions. If you have the opportunity, work with her!”  

- Aneeka Moosa 

From being a “bored lawyer” to running a successful Mediation business that she love. “Miraculous! I have turned my dream business into a flourishing one with ease, positivity and fulfillment. My monthly turnover now exceeds my previous year’s annual turnover!! Fairy G, the immense gratitude I feel towards you cannot be expressed in words: you have transformed my perspective and consequently my actions both personally and in business and the results have been phenomenal. I have learnt to fly and manifest with ease in a few short months. Thank you for sharing your magic with me!” 

- Yolanda Jacobs  

Fiona went from housewife to a woman on a mission, making a big difference for others. “Working with the Fairy Godmother has been inspirational and life changing. I have dared to go after my dreams and am a much happier person. I am now an International Ageless Grace Trainer and will be presenting at the conference in the USA this year. I started an Educational trust for underprivileged tertiary students which has gone from strength to strength and is now part of a bigger organization called the Yes trust.” - Fiona Furniss  

Kat Ritschl has more Faith in her Relationships and her Finances “Working with the Fairy G has been... Plain awesome. Donna is more than just a coach, she's a true mentor. I have found the guidance and support that I was looking for, as well as a magical toolkit that she empowered me to use in my life. I now have more Faith and Trust in my Life and relationships, both financial and romantic, and Donna continues to inspire me to seek out my wildest dreams.” 

- Kat Ritschl 

Wanda has done his inner work and is manifesting with Ease “Working with Donna has pushed my boundaries, tested me and created profound growth. My sense of connection to Source / The Divine and my place in the world has been amplified through doing Donna’s programs. My key learning is that my outer world is a complete mirror of my inner world. After doing the programs and having the shifts and working on my ‘inner world’ my ability to manifest what I want happens now with lightness and ease.” 

– Wanda Shuenyane  

You are invited to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery…. 

To bring light to those parts of yourself that are still in fear, scarcity and shadow and are unconsciously “running the show” and keeping you blocked from your abundance.

Your Investment:

Monthly Payment: $167 x 7 months OR R1 797 x 7 months  

Full Payment: $997 once-off OR R10 997 once-off

Space is Limited to ONLY 98 people, so please click the Button Below to get onto the Waiting List …

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